About Shawnta

My inspiration for founding MyCannX (formerly known as DC Cannabis Cards) and MMJ Advocates Group comes from a very personal journey.

As a mother to a special needs child and witness to family members finding tremendous benefit from the use of medical marijuana, the issue of safe and legal access kept coming to the forefront in my life. Seeing the benefits of medical marijuana and knowing that there is still quite a way to go in the movement across the nation, I was personally motivated to be a part of the change.

Since medical marijuana began legalizing across the United States, access has been very limited with a narrow list of qualifying conditions which at first only included HIV/AIDS, cancer, glaucoma and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As a result of the restrictive nature of the available programs, enrollment was kept extremely low while many were sharing the benefits that cannabis was having on various medical conditions. This is where the important advocacy movements took over.

Through the efforts of dedicated council members, physicians, patient advocates, and cannabis interest groups, the list of qualifying conditions was extended. A provision was added allowing discretion to physicians to make recommendations for medical marijuana if a patient has a condition that could benefit from it.

MyCannX has been working to enroll thousands of medical marijuana patients across the country in their state’s medical marijuana program. By working closely with a network of physicians, patients, dispensaries, and the Department of Health, we ensure patients get discreet, dignified and educational guidance on their medical marijuana journey.

While we have begun in DC and Maryland, we have plans to move across the United States, ensuring we are advocating for patient access and being a responsible connector for cannabis access for all Americans.

My work comes from the heart, and I am surrounded by a talented network of people working towards safe, legal and affordable access to medical marijuana treatments. We work together to educate others and contribute to the body of knowledge on cannabis and its effects on human health.

Thank you for your interest in the medical marijuana program and finding out how the team at MyCannX can help. Please browse our site for engaging and informative blogs, news about informative new medical marijuana research, and frequently asked questions to help you become informed on medical marijuana.

Once you’re ready to take the next step in your medical marijuana journey, you can schedule your appointment to see one of our compassionate physicians.


Shawnta Hopkins-Greene