About Us

Our mission is to provide safe, legal, and affordable access to medical marijuana treatment for patients suffering from chronic illnesses. We work closely with our patients, medical providers, dispensaries and local Health Departments to ensure our clients receive the most discreet and dignified care possible. Enrollment in our program grants clients access to a network of compassionate physicians who understand the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana. Our physicians offer a wide range of specialties including cardiology, gastroenterology, pain management, general family medicine, and psychiatry.

Patients will be in touch with one of our consultants via email or phone prior to their appointment and advised of the documents required to complete the assessment as well as state enrollment.  A member of our staff will be onsite at the physician’s office on the day of your appointment to assist you with completing your states enrollment process. In states where a paper application is required, our consultant will assist with the completion of the application and may submit completed applications on your behalf. If required by the laws of your state we will also assist you with selecting a dispensary and guide you through what to expect on your first visit to the dispensary. Our staff can provide answers to many questions related to purchasing limits and other state regulations however questions related to strain and ailment alignment and consumption methods should be reserved for the physician and/or dispensary staff.

Marijuana has a history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years within many cultures. Studies have shown that marijuana is effective in treating multiple chronic illnesses including, but not limited to, cancer, anxiety, depression, poor appetite, pain, insomnia, and many more.  If you think you may qualify for your states medical marijuana program please schedule a consultation today!