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The Mysteries of Meditation Revealed

by Mary Ellen Flora

Meditation is recommended by all of the health gurus, encouraged by stress managers, doctors and spiritual teachers. It is free, easy and can be fun. Everyone agrees that meditation can be beneficial, so why isn’t everyone meditating?

The mysteries of meditation are seldom revealed, so the seeker often flounders around looking for how to meditate and loses interest or momentum after a few weeks. If one finds a method for meditation, it often includes a complex set of body postures or rules which need to be mastered before the spiritual aspect of the meditation blossoms. Then too, one may not find a system with enough structure to stay spiritually focused. These challenges deter all but the most serious seekers.

The remainder of the population, who needs meditation equally as much, continues without the life giving benefits of meditation. For this majority, there is a system that teaches the mysteries of meditation in understandable terms. It does not require challenging physical postures or complex systems, but does offer enough structure for spiritual and physical focus. Those already meditating can benefit from the system as it can help bring meditation into balance, involving both spirit and body.

One of the main mysteries of meditation is that everyone is spirit and the body is only the vehicle for spirit. Spirit is the life and light, and the body is only the vehicle for spirit. Many people attempt to accomplish meditation with the belief they are only the body. This is not possible since it is spirit which meditates, using the body as the vehicle to do so.

You are spirit and you have a body. As spirit you are immortal, and not limited by physical phenomena such as time, space, mass, emotions and effort. The body does have the physical limits of all of the mentioned characteristics, plus ethics, competition, sexuality and all of the other body traits. When you meditate you, the spirit, are quieting the busy physical body to bring your spiritual awareness and nature into your physical system. You need to use spiritual techniques which open both the physical and spiritual systems form meditation to accomplish this spiritual mastery of your system.

One of the techniques you need to meditate is how to ground your energy to the Earth. Everything is energy. The body and spiritual systems associated with the body are similar to electricity. We need to ground electrical systems to keep them safe and functioning correctly. Grounding is also necessary for the safe functioning of the physical body. Grounding helps you focus, be solid in the physical world, and contain and control your energy. It can also help you release energy from your body.

“Grounding is the first technique to use as you start your meditation. Grounding is the creation of an energy cord from your body to the center of the Earth. You, the being, create the cord from your first chakra and allow it to flow to the center of the Earth. “Be aware of the energy center near the base of your spine, the first chakra. This chakra contains your information about how to relate to this reality. Chakras are simply energy centers that contain information for you to use and master as spirit.

“Visualize an energy flow from this chakra, near the base of your spine, to the center of the Earth. The energy will flow through all physical matter, the chair, the floor, the earth, until it reaches the center of the planet. Allow the grounding cord to be securely attached at your first chakra and at the center of the Earth.

“Relax and experience the spiritual connection you have created with this Earth. Notice how your body reacts to being grounded. Take a few deep breaths to focus your attention on you and your body… Each individual will have a unique experience. Allow yourself to be still and listen to you, so you can get to know yourself and your body.”

Meditation is based on the understanding that you are spirit and your body is the vehicle for your spiritual creativity. If you are not aware of your spiritual nature, meditation will open this awareness for you. If you do know yourself as spirit, meditation will lead you on an exciting journey of self-discovery. The awakening of yourself as spirit will change your life since you will see yourself and everyone also as part of the Cosmic Whole.

“As we meditate, we raise our vibration, the vibration of your body, the vibration of all of our creations and even the vibration of the planet. As we solve our own earthly and spiritual problems, we automatically assist others and the planet. When we fill ourselves with light, it shines out all around us.”

The healing power of meditation is indescribable, but we can see within and around us the benefits of meditation. People’s behavior, health and state of being change when they meditate regularly. One example is of a man who was fighting with his wife and children, in conflict at work and about to lose his family and job. He was desperate for help and tried meditation as a solution. After only a month, his life began to change. He was kinder to his wife and children and cooperative instead of argumentative at work. His behavior changed so drastically that he even inspired others to begin meditation.

Meditation’s ultimate purpose is spiritual communication; however, it can profoundly affect our emotions and other physical experiences. Our personality and behavior can change under the influence of meditation. We need to acknowledge the importance of harmonizing with and learning to effectively use the body for our spiritual purpose. This is accomplished by turning within.

“Meditation leads you into yourself as it involves quieting the physical and focusing on the spiritual. Meditation is the only way I know to truly find the answers to your life questions. With meditation, you put your attention back on the spiritual realm within and seek your information there, instead of looking outside yourself for your answers in the physical world around you.”

Meditation is highly recommended because it is the most powerful spiritual healing tool we have. Meditation leads us to our spirituality and spiritual nature and from there, we begin to consciously create our lives. Begin meditation on a daily basis and you will learn to know yourself, and the mysteries of meditation will be revealed to you.

Quotes are from the book Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening by Mary Ellen Flora.
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